A few random facts about me


1. I am a very good photographer 


2. I have a good sense of humour (referencing to the above)


3. Without cheese, life wouldn't be the same

4. I have travelled around China and Australia

5. I can watch any sport - apart from cricket

6. I want to go to Japan for the 2021 Olympics

7. I would have loved to be a photojournalist 

8. I sound like Inspector Clouseau 

9. I have transformed my house into a plastic free/green house


10. I am obsessed into buying old cameras

I am a professional freelance photographer based in the heart of Essex. Born in France, I developed a passion for photography at an early age, I received my first Polaroid camera at the age of 10 yrs old and started taking photo of my dad playing petanque, my grandpa napping under the Olive tree and my mum making my favourite jam! A few years later, with my camera (upgraded from the Polaroid to a 35mm film camera) I had the chance of travelling around the world, doing some photo journalism and taking photos of people, animals, cities, snapping a farmer on top of the Mountain Range in Philippines, some kids playing domino in a back street of Beijing or simply a beautiful sunset over the Andes in Chile. 

Today I am living in a little village of Essex although my work takes me principally in London and all over the South East. I am still very passionate about my photography and when I am not working on a shoot with clients, i like walking the street of London or Cambridge in search of inspiration for my next Street Photography book. I also do some commercial Stock Photography, you will find a few of my shots on this website. And I work as a sport freelance photographer for a few French newspapers, attending worldwide sport events!

Having set-up The Studio in 2017, I am now able to offer Studio shooting session for more formal portrait, professional headshot, portfolio, social media or simply beautiful memory of your children.

I also offer Wedding Photography, please check my brand new Wedding website : www.ericetchart.com