Do you offer vouchers?

Yes, Vouchers can be ordered for the price of the session £75, that will cover the photoshoot session, you can add more toward the cost of some prints or digital images. If you would like to purchase a session voucher as a present for a partner, family member or friend – please let me know and I will create a personalised voucher for you. Check our investment page to look at our voucher option.


What are your rates?

You can find pricing of the session and products on my investment page, and if you need a more suited personal quote just get in touch and tell me about your plans. The price of the session includes photography, travel time and expenses within 20 miles of CM3, the editing and processing time of your photographs, and a private gallery website to view your images or place an order.


 Do I need to pay a deposit?

Your booking is confirmed when the session fee is paid in full. If you choose one of the package that includes the photography session, I will deduct the amount already paid from the price of the package.


How can I pay?

I accept cash, bank transfer, debit card/credit card via PayPal (you don’t need to have a PayPal account) After each payment you’ll received an invoice confirming the payment received. 



Preparing for your session:

What type of  Clothes should we wear?

Clothes are best kept fairly plain in colour and simplicity of style. Smart casual is my usual suggestion. Clothing changes are welcome during your session. It’s most important that you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you’re unsure, get in touch and we can have a chat about it.


What should I do with my Hair?

Please plan ahead, sometimes a hair cut or styling makes good sense before a session. Washing your hair the night before is also a good idea. This applies to everyone involved in your shoot.


Can I bring my Pets?

Well behaved pets are very welcome at your session and make great accessories and props.


What happens if the Weather is really bad (snow, rain, storm etc…)?

I’m happy to shoot in most weather, no matter how heavy the clouds, (which provide a lovely soft flattering light) but very happy to reshcedule if it rains. Rain can cause the light to be adversely heavy.


Can I Postpone my shooting session due to illness?

Never a problem, but I would appreciate as much notice as possible if you, your partner or the children are ill, or if you sense you might be coming down with something a few days earlier than your session.


What are the rules around Cancellations or postponements?

If I need to postpone your session for reasons beyond my control, I can schedule in a new session date or you can choose to have the session fee refunded to you.

If you must cancel or postpone your session, I ask for two weeks notice, except when the reasons are beyond your control. Any money already paid will be refunded if we can’t reschedule your session. Cancellations less than two weeks from your session will be charged at 100% of the session fee paid.


After the shooting session:

What happens after the photo shoot?:

After the shoot session, I often have as many as hundred images or more to edit down to a reasonable number, which often depends of how many people are in your session. I try my best to choose approximately 40/50 images that I then process in Adobe Lightroom in either Black and White and Colour (sometimes both). This post-production work takes hours of time, and much experience is needed to push the images to their ultimate visual limit.


How many photos will be in our gallery?

It varies, but for a family, couples, children lifestyle shoot there’s usually 30-50 images, depending on how long we spend together and how many people are on the shoot with us. For a portrait session, there’s 20-25 images and for a street portrait session, that will depend on how long we spend together but should be no less than 30-50 images,. We can discuss that in more details at the time of booking.



How can I view & order my photographs?

I can personally show you your best images from our session working together, but if that’s not possible, I will create a password protected online gallery for you to view all the best images on your computer.  Online galleries stay live for approximately two months. Check our investment page to look all our packages


How can our family and friends order prints or digital images?

Everyone you share your private gallery with will be able to view all your finished photos and order their own favourites as gorgeous professional prints direct from the gallery itself.


Do you do lots of retouching?

Different degrees of retouching apply to different people’s desires. I can diminish lines and eye-baggage where necessary, (and more) but only by agreement with my client. My personal view is that I want to keep my clients to be very happy. Retouching normally happens when images are purchased although I always edit a few photos for your gallery. Let me know if you need anything specific.


Who own the copyright of my images?

The copyright to all the images taken at your session remains with the photographer, by British and international law. Please let me know if you don't wish for me to use the photos as marketing materials.


Can we have the original raw photos?

I only provide the finished edited photographs, and can’t provide any unedited raw files. I do appreciate that some of my clients are keen photographers themselves and would like to tinker with my work in Photoshop for their own enjoyment or interest, but regrettably it’s not something I can offer.


 What is the delivery method and delay?

Photographic print and frame orders are typically delivered within two weeks of purchase. Books and Albums will take approximately one month due to all the design and retouching that goes into the production, and most other products like digital images will take around two weeks to receive.

Do you offer Wedding Photography?

Of course, I do, I love shooting weddings! That makes me feel so happy to witness these events. Please feel free to check my new wedding website